The Crew of SVZV

Photo by incredibly talented friend @vcortlandphoto (instagram)

I began this blog back in August of 2020, so I figured it may be time to reintroduce ourselves- We are the crew of the Sailing Vessel Zayna Vnnette!

Captain: This is our incredible, funny, wise, and handsome captain – Austin. Austin was born in WA and comes from a long line of sailors. He made it a goal to sail around the world by the time he hit 30 and leads the crew with his passion and drive. We are all lucky to be part of the team making this incredible dream a reality.

Fun fact: To work towards his goals and hone his skills, Austin got his captain’s license early and began captaining charter boats around Maui. At 24 he became the youngest Captain at the second windiest harbor in the world! (Maalaea Harbor)

First Mate: This is me! Also known as Chelsea/The Maiden Sailor. As you might have figured out by now, I started this journey knowing absolutely nothing about boats or sailing. The first boat I ever stepped foot on is the boat we currently live on (feel free to check out the whole story here). I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world and after meeting Austin I figured out how I was going to do it. If you had told me 5 years ago I would be where I am today – I would’ve said you were nuts. I started this blog to inspire people to go out and do the crazy things they never dreamed possible for themselves. If I can do it – anyone can.

Crew: Tuna! Tuna is the youngest member of the crew, turning 2 this September. She was brought onboard at 2 months old and has been sailing with SVZV ever since. As an official boat cat, she has taken on many important responsibilities. She has tested every potential napping spot on board, monitors all crew projects, and has pointed out (but never actually killed) every creepy crawler on the boat. Her favorite activities include fishing, watching boats go by, and lounging in the sunshine.

Fun Fact: Tuna has her own Instagram!